Sunday, May 29, 2011

The "Bones" of the Garden--or of Meditation

Yesterday was the first garden tour fund-raiser of the season around here. After the several plant sale fund-raisers of last weekend, many other small non-profit organizations offer garden tours throughout the course of the summer.

These garden tours are a great way to sneak a peek into gardens you would never otherwise see and meet the owners, whom you would not otherwise meet.

These 6 gardens (for $25) all had beautiful "bones" of stonework that defines various garden "rooms" (often including a terrace) and brings a sense of orderliness to the great outdoors.

The Dharma offers us the framework to build a beautiful mind, bringing a sense of orderliness and calm to the jungle through which the monkey mind swings all day long.

Open up your copy of The Meditative Gardener or any inspirational book now. Begin there with whatever page you open to. Begin your summer with a feeling of calm.

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