Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Flower In Your Heart

During a book signing at Misty Valley Books on Sunday afternoon, i led a guided meditation on "A Flower In Your Heart." ( See page 11 of The Meditative Gardener or listen here.) We visualized a large fragrant flower and then offered a flower from our heart to our nearest and dearest.

Just as the meditation ended, before i had run the ending bell, i heard the door to the bookstore open in the adjacent room, and someone walk into the store. The 30-something woman in the back row got up and left. I rang the bell, and as we all opened our eyes, the back-row mom returned holding a bouquet of lilacs and apple blossoms.

"My daughter picked these for me and said she felt she had to give them to me right now."

Apparently the mother-daughter mirror neurons were at work.
Joy and love are just as contagious as anger and impatience.
Which one shall we cultivate?

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