Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Praise for The Meditative Gardener

The Meditative Gardener won a Nautilus Award, given to books that promote spiritual growth and conscious living.

The Meditative Gardener also won a Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association.

The book is a finalist in 2 categories (Best Overall Design; Religion) from Next Generation Indie Awards.

While all this praise is very self-gratifying, it is also fleeting.

Like our gardens that bloom magnificently one week and then sag the next, praise is an intangible that cannot be held on to.

I was thrilled to be at Book Expo America in New York City yesterday. Now i am home, leading an everyday life.

Praise is fleeting. Blame (the opposite of praise) is also fleeting, believe it or not.

We try ever so hard to build a "self" up with praise (or tear our-"selves" down with blame). Yet praise and blame simply blow through our lives like a breeze or like a tornado. Then they are gone. Gone. Really gone.

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