Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Peony Supports

I am remembering to put tomato cages (the smallest ones) around my peonies. Tomato cages may not be scenic, but they are 1/10th the price of those fancy green metal plant supports. Besides, i have dozens of tomato cages and only a couple of plant supports.

Peonies droop with their heavy blossoms or in the wind or rain. The tomato cages look rather out of place now while the peonies are growing, but within 2 weeks, they will be invisible.

When we are new to meditation, we also need supports. Guided meditations--on a CD or downloaded on your iPod--are good for keeping you on track and on the cushion. You might go to Dharma Seed (great name!) to find a teacher or subject that interests you.

Meditating with friends once a week is a wonderful support. Do you even have a certain friend or few that you could share a moment of silence with--when you see each other or on the phone or before eating a meal? "Let's just share a moment of silence together, because i really want to be HERE with you."

Reading inspirational books is another support.

Yes, at first, these supports may feel as clunky as tomato cages, but in just a couple of weeks, they'll be your "Dharma friend," supporting you on the path to a more peaceful life.

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