Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Present of Watercress

Last evening after my weekly meditation group, a Dharma friend, Eva, offered me some watercress from the stream that flows through her garden. I imagined a fist-sized bunch like i buy at the food coop. I was not prepared for 3-foot tall watercress with leaves the size of my palm. Now there's a salad! A sandwich! Enough soup to last a week.

"It's about to bloom," she said. "I get 3 crops a year."

At home, i hacked off the top half for salads (or whatever) and am planting the bottom half with the roots in the trickle that leads into and out of my fishpond.

There's enough that i'm giving a handful to my neighbor Connie who has a tiny streamlet at the bottom of her yard.

Watercress likes to grow in clear, running water, and so do we. When we surrender to the flow of life, joy naturally arises.

And with this watercress, there's the joy of receiving an unexpected gift, and the joy of giving, of passing it on.

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