Thursday, May 5, 2011

Something Stinky

This evening a local garden club is coming to tour my gardens. Since it rained all day yesterday, i wasn't able to do my final clean-up-before-company-comes. So a big pile of stinky bunny poop is sitting beside the driveway, not too far from the front door.

Today's schedule managed to fill itself to the brim, so i have no time to distribute the manure unless i do it right now, in the dark of the morning, instead of writing this blog.

I want things to be different than they are.

This discontent, this dissatisfaction is caused by comparing what is--a pile of poop--to what could be--a disappeared pile. I don't want what is; i want something different.

How many times do we have something stinky and unpleasant near us--a thought, a situation, a person--that we want to get rid of?

This discontent with the way things are--how much i weigh, how i look, that co-worker!--causes all the ruckus in our otherwise well-being.

Every time we argue with reality, with what is, we lose.

The antidote to discontent is gratitude for what we DO have--beautiful gardens, health, and a peaceful living situation.

And aren't i fortunate to have had a truckload of bunny manure delivered to my garden?

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