Sunday, May 8, 2011

"My Body Can't Keep Up With My Mind"

I went to pick up a truckload of manure from Charlie at Sweet Tree Farm yesterday. We talked about the beautiful weather, and about all the things we'd like to get done.

"My body can't keep up with my mind," he said. "Yesterday, i only got about half the things done that i wanted to."

He's right. The mind drives the body incessantly. "Do this." "Go there." "Make this." The body silently obeys until it just simply cannot do or go anymore, and we collapse--in front of the TV or into bed. Or into old age.

Contemplate this relationship between mind and body today while you are considering your "To Do" list.

I'll contemplate it while i'm spreading that truckload of manure in the garden. IF i get around to it today.

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