Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dyed Daisies

My sweetie bought me a bouquet of daisies at the supermarket. Daisies in my favorite pink and magenta colors. Dyed daisies.

"Dyed daisies?" he asked. "How do you know they're dyed?"

Well, first of all, their leaves are maroon. And secondly, the water in the vase is now pink as the color slowly leaches out of the stems.

He felt cheated. I still love looking at this ever-so-vibrant bouquet.

We expect our flowers to be natural, to have the au naturel look, so, naturally (ahem), my sweetie feels cheated when he finds out the flowers have been "made up" to look more beautiful.

I'm very fortunate that he likes my au naturel looks, because my beauty leached away some years ago.

Good looks leach away from all of us. When we're young, we're cute or maybe beautiful. Some people's good looks stick longer than others. One thing for sure. We will all wind up just like the daisies. Beautiful today. Faded tomorrow. And then after that, out to the compost pile.

Meanwhile, i can appreciate the pleasure i receive from looking at them. And i can bask in the thoughtfulness and love of my sweetie.

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