Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Hyacinths

When i came home from vacation, 5 hyacinths were blooming in vases in my basement, and the other 45 were budding. In the past 4 days, i've given away 20 vases with a hyacinth in each one. Yesterday, i gave one to my writing group leader, Ginnie, and she told me it was her birthday!

On these snowy days, it is amazing how much difference a single blooming hyacinth makes. All our attention rests on this single flower and its beautiful fragrance. In a few months, we will be inundated by flowers, and we will barely notice them. Today i am inundated by snow (6 inches so far), and unless i am out in it, i barely notice it.

My attention is resting on the blooming hyacinth on the kitchen table. And i feel happy.

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