Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The houseplants are all leaning toward the sun. They look like they'd jump out of the window, if they could. I can practically hear them saying, "Let me out. Let me out of here." They are yearning for the sun.

We too yearn for something, perhaps something we can't quite put our finger on. We are hungry for Truth. I don't mean "truth" as opposed to "lies." We are looking for something genuine, something authentic.

We busy ourselves pursuing the things we think will make us happy: children, money, career, family, marriage, clothes, flowers, gardens. Our lives are filled with busy-ness, even with good things. Still the yearning remains.

Oh, days, weeks can go by, and we don't notice. Then some thing, perhaps some little thing, triggers it.

Stop. Come home to yourself. Retreat for an hour, or a day, if you can. I've just signed up for a week-long retreat at the end of March.

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