Friday, February 7, 2014

More. More. More

Okay. Okay. I have 20 hyacinths that are blooming or about to bloom, but when i went into the farm and garden store for bird seed, there, at the check-out, was a pot of little daffodils for $3.99. An impulse buy.

I brought them home and put them where? Next to the paperwhite narcissus. More is better. Right?

More hyacinths: i have 5 in bloom today and 15 that are about to bloom--soon.

I need more flowers. At least that's what it's feels like.

Just yesterday, i was singing the praises of one. Just one. Just a single hyacinth.

Then craving strikes. And i want more. More. More.

What am i hungry for? What am i really hungry for?


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