Monday, February 3, 2014

Hot Weather / Cold Weather

My brother just returned from a vacation in Palm Springs, California where he saw a little flowerbed that made him think of me. Poppies and pansies growing together.

Poppies are a hot weather flower and pansies are a cool-weather flower. They don't grow together in my garden. Pansies bloom in April and May, and poppies bloom in June and July. But they're both cute and their colors complement each other.

Sometimes we want both-ness in our own lives. We want friends or family to visit and we want our solitude. We want a paycheck and we don't want to go to work. We want a garden and we don't want to garden.

Our minds think we can have it all, just as we want. Our bodies act out another message. Still, our mind believes it is in control and drives the body to do its will.

What does your mind want? And what does your body "say" about that?

Palm Springs, a city in the desert, has more than 100 green and luscious golf courses. What might the body of Mother Earth "say" about that?

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