Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Delight of Giving

My friend Trudy, aged 88, goes to the supermarket every Monday morning to pick up the flowers they are about to throw away as the fresh shipment arrives. She takes the flowers to the soup kitchen where she volunteers every Tuesday and Friday. Although she used to help make the salad or the main course, new volunteers have taken over those responsibilities. Now her "job" is to arrange the flowers into vases for each table.

Trudy is also a painter of flowers, so many of these cast-off flowers show up in her daily water colors. Sometimes she takes an arrangement of flowers to one of the 2 nearby nursing homes where she teaches painting once a week.

Generosity takes many forms. The supermarket is generous with its cast-off flowers. Trudy is generous with her time. Arranging flowers on the tables delights her.

What delights you about giving?

Photo by dreamstime.com

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