Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bumbling into the Glass Ceiling

Before my sweetie put the screen doors on, i was traipsing in and out of the solarium, taking the houseplants outdoors for their summer vacation. The next time i was in the solarium, i heard Bzzzz, bzzzz. A big, old bumblebee was searching for a way out.  He kept hitting up against the glass. The outdoors looked so close.

We too hit up against the glass of our own stress, not even recognizing stress as stress. In my 20s and 30s, i thought i could practice sexual freedom as i called it. Pain and suffering inevitably followed. Still, i bumbled on, hitting up against the glass of stress. Why couldn't i just get through it? Other people seemed to have a lot of fun. It took years to understand my experience. It took years to begin to practice refraining from sexual misconduct.

We worry about loved ones and call that worry "love." Worry is stress; love is stress-free.

Eventually, i captured the bumblebee under a glass and whisked him outdoors.
Let's allow our minds the freedom of true love--wide open and spacious.

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