Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recycling the Cycle of Life

I'm looking forward to the bottom of the compost pile i'm using. I can see part of the black plastic i laid down as the floor of the pile so the tree roots wouldn't grow into the bottom of the pile.

Every day i fill the wheelbarrow with lovely screened compost that looks rich and delicious. Every day i pot up two or three dozen plants for the Plant Sale at the library this Saturday. Today i'm hauling a truckload of plants to the library. On Friday, i'll take another truckload.

Donating plants gives me a delicious satisfaction:
--Dividing plants in my garden and giving away the extras.
--Potting the extras up with recycled pots from the Saturday Swap Program at the landfill and with recycled compost from my garden.

Recycling the cycle of life: plants to compost to plants.

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