Thursday, May 15, 2014

Germander. Gone.

NOT my knot-garden
I'm just now ripping germander out of my patio garden. It's a good little edging, adaptable to poor and dry soils. I originally liked it because it is an evergreen herb used in European knot gardens. But the fact is, germander is toxic as an herb, and i don't have a knot garden nor a British garden.

Germander has tiny pink flowers briefly, and then it's green. It just does not provide enough sense pleasure.

Sense pleasures are quite temporary, lasting only a few seconds. Then they are gone. Basing our happiness on more and new sense pleasures takes a lot of effort, and sometimes (often?), we don't get what we want. Not getting what we want causes dissatisfaction, which is the First Noble Truth: Dissatisfaction exists.

Deep happiness also exists, and we can shift our course to aim more precisely at the happiness that is available even if outer circumstances are poor and dry.

My deep happiness comes from the practice of generosity. I'm giving away my germander to someone who really wants it.

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