Monday, May 19, 2014

Hemlock and Quince

My friend Myrtle lives at an intersection on a busy road. Recently, she to have the hemlock at the corner of her house cut down because it was dead.

"That hemlock was my garage," she sighs. "I parked my car under it for 40 years. It's always been there. And it protected that corner of the house." Myrtle is quite unhappy about the change to her lawn and garden. She misses that hemlock tree dreadfully.

She sighs again, and we walk from the stump to the nearby quince. "It's never bloomed so fully before," she says. "Oh, i love this quince."

Change happens.

When we resist change, we feel stress and unhappiness.
When we embrace change, we feel beautiful happiness.

The choice is yours.

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