Friday, May 30, 2014

Manure Happens

My compost is young--less than a year old--and i'm going through it way too fast. I predict i could reach the bottom of my current pile in about a month, and then i'll be ready for the third pile, which i only finished last week. I am certain that a month-old pile will not be ready for me!

What to do? Install a temporary 4th compost bin. It was easier to convince my sweetie than i expected. He said "Yes" immediately. Into the new bin went a truckload of manure i had picked up last Saturday morning. I was going to use the manure to "finish" the other two piles, but that idea will have to wait for some other truckload.

I now have a compost pile completely made of manure. My hope is that, in a month, it will have decomposed into nice rich dirt.

Sometimes, it takes a while for us to compost the experience of our life. Images of the past come back to haunt us like the garbage in our compost pile. Then, years later, we wonder what all the fuss was about. Sigh.  I spent weeks, months, years of my life on that? What a "waste" of time.

We all just need to age a little.

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