Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny Visits Today!

It's snowing! All the easier to track the Easter bunny tomorrow :)

The Easter bunny is visiting me this afternoon with a REALLY big present--a truckload of bunny manure. These little chocolate-colored balls are mild enough that they can be scattered right on the gardens; they don't burn plants and the manure is weed-free.

Think about it: pellets in, pellets out. No weeds in the bunnies dinner means no weed seeds, unlike other, larger animal manures.

This chain of cause-and-effect applies to our lives as well. By practicing Right Speech that is true, useful, and beneficial, both outwardly with other people, including cyberspace, and inwardly, in our own mind, we'll find we have fewer weeds growing in our minds.

So, when visitors to my garden look puzzled and say, "Hey. Isn't that bunny...?" i just nod and smile.

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