Monday, April 25, 2011

So Good to See You. Can You Remind Me What Your Name Is?

My old friends, my perennials, are poking their heads out to say, "Hello again." I am SO happy to see them, one by one. But, just like acquaintances i haven't seen for several months, i can't remember their names.

I smile and open my arms wide. "So good to see you again. Ah-ah-ah. Can you remind me what your name is?"

Minutes or hours later, their name comes to me, and that memory/thought is a pleasant feeling, all by itself. Oh yes! Alchemilla (al-Camilla?) Lady's Mantle.

That name, that pleasant feeling is sufficient to start a whole train of pleasant feelings--thinking of how she looks just after it's rained, and her mantle-leaf has caught jewel-looking raindrops that roll around like mercury. Yes, she's a mistress of alchemy, all right. Turning water into chem-istry.

Pleasant. Pleasant. Pleasant.


  1. Nice piece in the Shambhala Sun. I love to pull weeds, should translate that into my life!

    Ah the perennial, perennials. Trouble is we've moved to a new place without a deer fence and those hoofs have pretty hungry mouths. Thought they wouldn't like euphorbias. Apparently reasonably tasty even with all that milky sap. So much for perennials. Looks like it's cutting flowers in the veggie garden behind the deer fence for me!

  2. Yes. I've turned my "deer buffet" into ornamental herbs (salvia, feverfew, bee balm, etc.) in hopes of keeping the deer at bay.

    Good luck!

  3. okay will try these! And bee balm is beautiful. seems they're not eating the oregano, rosemary, mint or lemon balm. now I have a few to add. Artemesia should work too, don't you think? It's so bitter.