Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sprouting Mindfulness

My neighbor Connie has started arugula and spinach in a 3-foot square patch of..., well, lawn, actually. On the south side of her deck, she cleared a bit of grass, sowed her seeds at the end of March and covered them with clear plastic. The plastic both retains moisture and warms the earth since we are still in maple sugaring season here (when nights are below freezing and days are above.)

1/2 inch tall green sprouts (hardy!) are growing in short rows, so she has rolled the plastic back. Now that the plants have gotten started, they can withstand the chill.

We can start our meditation practice anywhere. In the car, washing dishes, going to the bathroom. All we need is the intention to take a mindful moment.

Choose one daily activity to be mindful of: walking down a familiar hallway, waiting at a stoplight, listening to the phone ringing 2 times before answering on the 3rd ring.

Roll back the plastic busy-ness that covers your life and notice the sprouts of mindfulness.

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