Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Solitude of the Garden

I attended a garden symposium yesterday and happened to sit next to Anne Squires, a Master Gardener who lives at the other end of the state.

"Did you come with a friend?" i asked.
"Oh, no, i came by myself," she said. "I love the solitude of the garden, and i think gardeners are more able to go do things by themselves. Some of my friends don't go anywhere by themselves."

It's true that not everyone loves solitude, but the garden is a perfect place for those of us who need to get away from it all for a while--even it that's only for a few minutes.

If we wait until we have company, we may find ourselves delaying our heart's desire for a long time--even a life time.

What do our hearts desire? Peace, happiness, freedom from suffering. What, specifically, does your tender heart desire? Contemplate this while you are in the garden today.

Solitude--or the garden--is a fine place to listen to the still, small voice of our heart.

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