Thursday, April 14, 2011

Married to My Gardens

My sweetie accuses me of spending my libido on the garden in the spring. As much as i deny it, maybe he's not far wrong.

Now that i'm putting my hands in dirt most days, i've taken off my rings and won't put them on again until the end of gardening in November.

You could say i'm married to my gardens.

I jump out of bed and leave my bed partner snoozing while i go see what's new in the garden. These April evenings i spend with my seedlings, transplanting them into pots, while the person who lives with me is watching TV.

The third (of the 5) precepts is to refrain from sexual misconduct.
Does that include your relationship with your garden?

1 comment:

  1. Your bed partner is missing the subtle clue of an awesome gift. My honey avoided her wedding band and engagement ring due to her many activities. I used that as an opportunity to get her a simple gold wedding band so she had an option to wear something while working with her hands. She loves it. Maybe this partner of yours reads your blog, and this comment can help the thought prcess along?