Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Season of Change (and LOTS of it)

A month from today, Perennial Swappers, our local garden group, will come tour my gardens. Today half my flower beds are still covered by snow, and the lawn is seriously soggy. So far, 3 flowers have bloomed--snowdrops, crocuses, and iris reticulata. Johnny-jump-ups will probably bloom today.

Change, LOTS of change, is just about to happen.

Some people don't like change--it's unpredictable, it's uncontrollable, and it may not be what I want. The great unknown might be a scary place.

Nevertheless, change is constantly happening. Nothing is permanent, although some things--such as mountains and rivers--change slowly. We try to hang on to what is, only to find it slipping through our fingers. Even though "is" sounds stationary, "is" is constantly moving.

Our gardens are changing fast in this change of seasons. Impermanence rules.

How do you feel about change?

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