Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pleasant AND Unpleasant

Overcast skies. Misting rain. 46 degrees.
The weather looks unpleasant, so i avoid going out to the garden for as long as i can. I want to work in the garden, and i don't want to go outdoors. Approach/avoidance.

I think about a project i want to do. A project that is part of a line of dominoes: i want to order another truckload of bark mulch, but i have to clean up the load of wood chips that is sitting where the truck will dump the mulch. In order to use the wood chips on a path around the moss garden, i have to first of all widen the path. This means i have to move the big rocks that border the path and reset them.

Are we tired yet?

Finally, after repeatedly looking out the window at the project area, desire (pleasant) trumps all those little unpleasantnesses--rain, chill, and the labor of hauling the wood chips and moving rocks. From indoors, all those unpleasantries are just thoughts. Once i bundle up in boots, my garden coat, and garden gloves, i walk outdoors into bird-singing spring.

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