Monday, May 7, 2012

Curtailing the Impulse to Buy, Buy, Buy

This spring, with so much construction happening and so much deconstruction of the herb garden, i'm renouncing buying plants. Well, let's say, i'm renouncing going overboard. So far, i have bought pansies, onion plants, grape cherry tomatoes, and 1 variegated impatiens.

I bring my small haul home and don't stop at the garden center again until i've planted what i have. This step-by-step method really slows down my purchasing. The fringe benefit is that it's good for my pocketbook.

Curtailing my impulse to buy, buy, buy feels like going against the grain. Desire wants to spring into sprig with all its hope and promise. Desire doesn't have our best interests at heart. My heart rests easier with less planting to do. My heart is happier with less.

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