Thursday, May 24, 2012

The library is having a Book & Plant Sale this weekend. What a great opportunity to give them a pile of books i am not going to read again :)

And it's also an excellent opportunity for me to stroll through the garden, trowel in hand, and dig up plants that are too crowded or that have volunteered in the "wrong" place. In the vegetable garden, i have 4 square feet of dill. That's a LOT of dill that reseeded itself. I pot it up into 2 flats of 6-packs.

Generosity, giving things away, cancels out greed.  I used to collect books. I thought more books was good. Then i took a hard look at my wall of books. It wasn't really very pretty. Is that what i thought my brain looked like?

I used to collect plants, but my flowerbeds are full to overflowing. In order to put something in, i have to take something--or a few somethings--out.

Let's take several things out of the flower and vegetable gardens and give them away. Let them multiply in someone else's garden, and the joy of giving will multiply in our heart.

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