Monday, May 21, 2012

The garden has entered another season. The lettuce-green of early spring has intensified to the rich chlorphyll-green of mid-spring. Daffodils have faded away. Now giant purple allium balls and iris provide the pick-up and interest in the flowerbeds.

What provides the interest in your meditation? Sometimes our interest in the breath fades. Sometimes our loving-kindness meditation feels flat. We are practicing the skill of mindfulness, and like learning any skill--driving, a musical instrument, or a new sport--we have to figure out ways to keep ourselves interested in the subject. What would happen if i....?  Experiment. My book, The Meditative Gardener, offers a hundred possible meditations and contemplations to keep the mind interested.

We have entered a new season, a new week, a new day. Look with new eyes.

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