Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I am a lover of bright colors--my living room is teal and the adjacent dining room is purple. My office is shocking pink, and the trim on my house is magenta.

But seeing a mass of lamium bloom magenta under a crabapple with raspberry-colored blossoms, well, that magenta-raspberry combination just sets my teeth on edge. The little tree looks more or less permanent, so yesterday i literally rolled up the carpet of lamium onto 3 sleds (which are very useful for hauling masses of plants).

Magenta and raspberry next to each other = Unpleasant.
What a relief to see bare ground = Pleasant

We want to push away The Unpleasant (or, in my case, haul it away).
We want more of The Pleasant. Now i can transplant some wildflowers into the shade of the crabapple. Won't that look lovely?

Pleasant and Unpleasant drive us incessantly, minute after minute, day after day, as we try to escape The Unpleasant and as we chase The Pleasant.

Notice this today while you are in your garden.

I think i'll plant some blue forget-me-nots amongst another patch of lamium because that is a color combination that i find very pleasant :)

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