Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Needing Support

Now that a dozen trees have been cut down, and the site for a new garage has been staked out, i see that one slender maple looks to be a bit close to the northwest corner. My forester neighbor tells me trees should be about 1/3 crown (i.e., branches & leaves), but this tree is about 1/6 crown.

As i looked up and up its tall trunk, i noticed that the tree was swaying, (There was no breeze.) while all its neighbors stood still. Formerly this maple was a woods tree; now it stands alone at the edge of the woods without the support of its neighbors.

Our meditation practice requires the support of good and upright people--people we admire, friends who keep us walking our walk, people who are "straight" with us.

Even if we don't have actual spiritual friends, chances are we rely on reading books or listening to talks as our spiritual supports.

Who and what supports you in your spiritual practice?

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