Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm snowed in today, so i could sit down with my languishing seed catalogs and yearn for spring planting. Or i could focus on my houseplants and give them a thorough house-cleaning. Snip, snip. Trim them back. Root more cuttings. (So far i have 25 jars of cuttings.) Or pot up the 10 jars of cuttings that have already rooted.

The urge to sow seeds and plant seedlings is so strong. In the spring, we focus on creation and shout Hooray.

When i write about the ends of the life cycle in the fall, a friend puts her hand on my arm and says, "Cheryl, are you okay? You write so much about death on your blog. Are you depressed?"

Beginnings. Endings. Life comes and life goes.

For now, life is coming soon. Let's en-joy it.

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  1. My surprise this morning was a dark violet sky followed by deep thunder rumbles and the sound of a soft rain. I am hoping that our wet spring will mean that my hydrangeas will be fuller this year. The forsythia is indeed blooming in Georgia, but have had unusually cold temperatures this week.
    I am trying my best to appreciate the cool days and not long for the warmth of Puerto Moreles.