Saturday, March 16, 2013

Forcing Forsythia

I waded into the overgrown forsythia bush and sawed off one of the 5 main stems, over an inch thick, at ground level.

Before i tossed it on the brush pile, i clipped off several branches and put them in water, hoping to force the forsythia twigs to bloom indoors.

Sometimes our life may seem overgrown with things straggling here and there. Take heart. Be strong. Wade in and prune something off. Say, "No" to something that's taking over your life (or, in the case of my forsythia, taking over my driveway.)

Less is more. More time to breathe. More time to smell the roses--or the hyacinths.

The trimmer forsythia looks so much better. Our trimmer lives feel so much better.

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