Monday, March 11, 2013

Dead Leaf Litter

The messiest aspect of having a solarium full of tropical plants is the amount of dead leaves that litter the floor and the adjacent flowerpots. Thank goodness the cleaning woman sweeps the floor once a week.

I'm on a Yoga in the Yucatan vacation, staying in a sweet little inn on the beach. Every day the courtyard is littered with dead leaves and wilted red hibiscus flowers. Every day the gardener rakes the sand and the dirt and sweeps the walks. I can see that wishing for a clean solarium at home is total delusion. The nature of plants is to drop dead leaves and dead flowers.

We too are dropping dead skin cells as well as dead hairs. We litter our bathrooms and our bedrooms with our detritus, but mostly we don't notice.

Plants are changing. We are changing. Have you noticed?

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