Monday, March 18, 2013

Fertilizing Your Practice

On these longer sunny days, my passive solar house heats up to broiling by mid-day. Outdoors is breezy and brisk and still below freezing.

I'm ready to go outdoors and garden, but the gardens are either covered in snow or bare and frozen.

I resign myself to gardening in my solarium in my underwear--taking cuttings of begonias, spider plants, and last year's flower pots from the front step. The houseplants are all looking a bit scraggly and in need of pruning and fertilizing.

How do we fertilize our own meditation practice?

Download some Dharma talks onto your iPhone. Meditate with a friend. Go on retreat. Do a retreat at home (by phone) for a few hours. Read a Dharma book. Take a meditation class. Or just meet a Dharma friend for tea.

Inspire yourself.

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