Monday, March 25, 2013

Stressed Plants and Stressful Thoughts

I have tomato plants growing in 3 different houseplants. I must have added compost to my potting soil last fall.

The tomato plants themselves are winter-poor--pale green and leggy. Nevertheless, one of them has 2 ripe cherry tomatoes.

We know, theoretically, that stressed plants will bloom and fruit in order to reproduce before they die.

Our stressful mind states will also do just about anything to reproduce themselves.

Recently, my sweetie offered his concert ticket to a friend in a moment of open-hearted generosity. The next day he had second thoughts--and all of them were stressful. For instance, She is such a free-loader (Aversion) and Hey, wait a minute! I want to go too. (Desire.)

In order to reap the fruits (or cherry tomatoes :) of the spiritual life, we have to keep our eye on our wholesome, non-stressful thoughts and actions. My sweetie felt generous. Generosity is a noble, an admirable emotion. Let's grow more of that!

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  1. Give my flowers in the garden away, and more will grow.