Friday, March 15, 2013

No Snow on the Septic Tank!

A sure sign that spring is coming: The snow has melted off the septic tank! I haven't seen that piece of lawn since December, so even though it looks like frosty dead brown grass today, it's a welcome sight.

Those of you in the city rely on city sewer services, while those of us in the country rely on a big, 1,000-gallon cement tank, buried about eight feet under the lawn. The slight amount of heat generated by decomposing toilet waste and cooled shower water and dish water is sufficient to warm the surrounding ground and thus melt the snow above.

I plant crocuses in the lawn above my septic tank to take advantage of this tiny March microclimate.

The elements are in motion: snow (water element) is melting due to the heat (fire element) of the septic tank. The earth (earth element) plus water and warmth give rise to tiny crocuses wavering in the spring breeze (air element).

We, too, rely on earth, air, water, and heat for our own survival.
Welcome, Spring!

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