Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cutting Back

I'm busy taking cuttings of my houseplants because i'm thinking of May when i can edge my white garden with little spider plants. Near the Japanese painted fern i edge with purple-leaved wandering jew. I could buy one plant at the nearby flower nursery for $4, or i could root a dozen cuttings in a glass today.

Begonias, geraniums and variegated impatiens are all rooting, as well as cryptotenia and purple sweet potato vine (VERY easy).

The parent plants have been severed pruned, but 2 months from now they'll have sprouted new green growth and look great.

Pruning our own lives by practicing renunciation can have the same effect on us. Renouncing busy-ness for a week-long retreat reinvigorates my meditation practice. Renouncing impulsive buying means less clutter in the house and therefore more energy (due to less maintenance and more free "flow" in the house itself.)

It's a funny thing abut renunciation--it looks like less, but it's actually more--more time, more energy, and more peace of mind.

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