Monday, March 21, 2011

Flower Show Gizmos

I went to the Boston Flower Show last Friday. What beautiful installations! And such spectacular stonework! The bog garden at the very back of the show calmed me; i just wanted to walk right into that 20 x 20-foot patch of forest with shrubs growing out of every stump.

The lush mini-gardens were surrounded by 3 aisles of vendors, and i bought a lot of gizmos, some having nothing to do with gardening.

The It's a Cinch plant hangers do suspend hanging plants with minimum visual interference. But that special purple cleaner that defogs windows and repels dust--is that just colored Windex in an expensive bottle?

How many times are we dissatisfied with the products we buy? They turn out to be somehow not quite as we imagined. Dissatisfaction actually occurs quite often, every day. Every time we leave something or someone we love, we experience a twinge of dissatisfaction. Every time we wish things were different than they are (Why DID i buy that expensive cleaner?), we experience dissatisfaction.

Take a look today. Perhaps tally up those shards of dissatisfaction.
Let me know what you find.

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