Thursday, March 24, 2011

Planting Seeds of Mindfulness

I much prefer onion plants to onion sets. Onion sets are the teeny-tiny onions you can buy at the garden store anytime during the next couple of months. When i planted those, i was lucky to harvest onions the size of ping-pong balls.

One year i started onions from seed, and that year harvested lots of tennis-ball onions. After that i ordered onion plants for several years. This year i'm starting onion seeds again. I planted them in little trays on Sunday, the day after the full moon.

According to the Farmers' Almanac, the seeds of below-ground crops should be started on the full moon to take advantage of the energy of the waning moon. Seeds of above-ground crops should be started in the dark of the moon (the new moon) so that the energy of the waxing moon will increase the growing energy of the seedlings as well.

The Biodynamic system of Rudolf Steiner is more complex, but i can't often organize my life on that day-by-day, moon-by-moon basis. I was just lucky to have the onion seeds, the seed starter mix, and the time to be able to start onion seeds on the new moon this week.

Sometimes we have to simplify our life so that we can plant ourselves on the meditation cushion. All we need is the cushion (or chair), a timer (cell phone or microwave), and the time.

Plant yourself today.

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