Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snowdrops in the Snow

Snowdrops are blooming--in the snow, of course. Despite 16 degree mornings and breezy, chilly (though sunny) afternoons, this little flower breaks through winter's dying crust and flowers now.

Even in our coldest times, we may see a sprig of green. A friend called for help yesterday. Her 33-year-old son is paranoid and depressed, and she is 3,200 miles away.

Perhaps you have lived through such a bleak time, as I have too. In the dark night of the psyche, such as when a relationship has withered and died, it's hard to believe the sun will ever shine again. This is when i began meditating. Sometimes the calm, the relief from severe anxiety, would last for 5 minutes. Sometimes it would last for 5 hours.

The cold winds blow. A tiny flower blooms.

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