Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Raking the Driveway

I was so desperate to do something outdoors yesterday that i raked the driveway.

Since i live in the woods, a winter's worth of sticks, pine needles, and pine cones have accumulated along the edges. These informal "gutters" need to be kept clear of debris so that the meltwater and spring rain water can flow freely downhill and not "pond" or become diverted into the garage. :(

Our minds also accumulate debris every day, as our attention is diverted from mindfulness of the flow of life and instead runs in to the house of the ego. "But what about me?" churns the mind into thinking.

Rake your attention toward the underlying feelings of bother or anticipation of just plain don't-know-ness. Soak into the discomfort, the un-ease. And notice that life continues to flow.

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