Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rebalancing Flower Pots--and Meditation

In the fall, i bring indoors the flowering pots that have been sitting beside the front door all summer. In the winter greenhouse, some of the individual plants thrive--like the geraniums; other plants limp along or are lost altogether.

Now i'm trying to "rebalance" whatever remains in the big pots. Trim back the 2-foot tall geranium. What to do with the variegated ivy? Shall i swirl the 4-foot long trailing vine around the pot? One variegated impatiens survived, and i'm rooting cuttings of it because i love its deep-pink double flowers (that match the magenta trim on my house :)

Sometimes we have to rebalance our meditation practice. When irritation gets the best of us, we practice loving-kindness. When the woes of the world overwhelm us, practice compassion toward yourself. When the mind refuses to settle down, give it something to contemplate.

In these ways, we rebalance and freshen up our meditation so that it can rebloom.

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