Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time to Ditch the Christmas Tree

O K. O K. It's time to take the Christmas wreath off the front door. And while i'm at it, i should take the Christmas tree down. Really. I would if i could.

The wreath is easy. Take off the pine cones and the bow so i can use them when my women's group has its annual wreath-making party in early December.

But the Christmas tree.... Well, after i took those decorations off in January, i stuck the bare tree, still in its stand, in the snow in the front garden. It's rather nice to have an evergreen suddenly sprout full grown, near the front door. But then it got buried in a snowdrift, so that only the top 10 inches of green peeked out. Now the top 2 feet of brown is showing, while the bottom 3 feet is still packed in ice.

Sometimes our bad habits are like this. We're ready to offload them. We can see the browning effect smoking has on our health or that anger has on our nearest and dearest. Credit card debt singes our relationship with the other person whose name is on our checking account. But how the heck do you dislodge these habits?

Begin by practicing compassion for yourself. You might only aim compassion straight at your very own heart for quite a while or you might include your dear ones.

Place your hand on your heart. Right now. "Oh yes, my dear. I know you are suffering. May you rest in compassion."

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