Monday, March 28, 2011

Onion Seedlings

The onion seeds that i planted a week ago on the full moon have sprouted. Now i can count 20-30 onion-lings in each flat. Hard to imagine that this one-inch grassy-looking leaflet is going to grow into something substantial enough to flavor the entree of a main meal.

When we first begin meditating, it's hard to believe that our fledgling intention--of calm, of kindness, of awakening joy--will grow into something that flavors our entire life. And yet....

A few years ago, i was in a politcal study group, learning about shenanigans that would hit the front page of the newspapers about 6 months later. My meditation friends asked me why i went. "Doesn't it just make you mad?"
But politics fascinates me, so i continued in the group. One day, one of my classmates said, "You're one of the 2 most peaceful people i've ever met."

I'd been caught--red-open-hearted.

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