Thursday, March 31, 2011


Now--during the change of seasons--is a good time to notice the micro-climates around your house.

Yesterday, the first 2 crocus bloomed on the southeast corner of my house where it is not only sunny, but well-protected from the prevailing northwesterly winds. That hillside on the east side of my house is always the first to lose the snow; it's not only well-protected, the slope is the right angle to catch the sun's rays. (Think of the angle of greenhouse windows, for example.)

I've been toying around with the idea of a cold frame, and that warm, sun-collecting place, protected (by the house) from spring's northwest winds is a perfect and easily accessible place.

What's the micro-climate you need for your meditation? Quiet? Warm? Cool? (A warm room puts me to sleep.) Outdoors? Indoors? Early? Late? Mid-afternoon?

Find the place in your home where the conditions are just right for growing your meditation practice.

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  1. Seriously won the garden/meditation lottery this evening. Cheers!