Thursday, March 3, 2011

Town Meeting and Tomatoes

Shall i start seedlings? Or not?

The first Tuesday in March is Town Meeting Day in Vermont. 200 or so of our town's 1,570 voters sit on metal chairs in the school gymnasium to decide, among other things, whether the town should spend $75,000 for a 1/3 share of a gravel pit. The Town Highway Department needs sand for winter's icy roads.

More importantly, Town Meeting Day is the day to start your tomato seeds.

I bow to tradition by at least looking at a bag of seed starter mix at the garden store. I wonder how my honey would feel about flats of 6-packs on the dining room table?

What seeds would you like to plant and water in your inner garden? Kindness? Patience? Compassion for yourself? Generosity?

Choose one. Plant it today, and water it every day this week.

Let me know what seed you're choosing, and how the watering goes.

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