Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Banana Tree Grows in the North Country

I'm moving my houseplants outdoors for their summer vacation. It's a good opportunity to divide and repot the houseplants or at least to refresh the potting soil.

The 5-foot tall banana tree, as usual, has a one-foot tall sucker in its pot, so i divide the little one off, into its own pot. Then i keep the little one, and i take the tall banana tree down to my neighbor Connie, so she can plant it at the corner of her driveway and the private road we live on.

I like the visual joke: a banana tree growing in New England. I like to imagine the neck-snapping moment of visitors driving on our road: Is that a....? No, it can't be. Banana tree?

Generosity freely offers a gift from the heart. The donor reaps joy. Well, in this case, it feels more like glee, but joy comes in many different flavors.

What's your favorite flavor of joy?

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