Friday, May 3, 2013

Transplanting Our Meditation Practice

Those cuttings that i took in March rooted (mostly). I potted them in April. And now, in May, i'm transplanting them into the flowerbeds. 4 flats of begonias, 4 flats of purple wandering jew, 2 flats of coleus, 1 flat of spider plants, 1 flat of cryptotenia, and more.

One comment i consistently receive from visitors to my garden is: "That's a lot of work."

If we are committed to our meditation practice, we reap a lot of insights over time. Looking on from the outside, people might think we spend a lot of time meditating. (Every day! Where do you find the time? or A retreat? Oh, i could never do that.)
When we are doing something that gladdens our heart, we reap the invisible benefits of joy and calm. We cut back on some of our activities in the mundane world.

Meanwhile, other people are dashing about, living their lives, thinking they don't have enough time to meditate--or to garden.

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