Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sprinkling Life with Mindfulness

I came home from the Garden Club plant sale with a sprinkler. Another sprinkler. I am weary of buying plastic sprinklers that stop oscillating for one reason or another. Fortunately, this sprinkler was free.

I like to have a sprinkler near every outdoor faucet for ease of access.

When the hot weather of life stresses us, it's good to have a mindfulness practice nearby to sprinkle our life with.
  • The stress of traffic --  Driving with loving-kindness
  • The stress of co-workers-- Practicing loving-kindness
  • Anxiety about the future -- Bringing the mind to the present moment
  • Worrying about the past  -- Bringing the mind to the present moment

Wherever you are--in the garden, at the kitchen sink, or in the car--simply become aware of the body breathing or the body sitting or standing.

Sprinkle your life with mindfulness.

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