Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anti-Inflammatory Kale & Mindfulness

Red Russian kale has reseeded itself not only in the vegetable garden, but also in other nearby beds. I have hundreds of kale plants and wish i could send you some.

As it is, i'm patiently potting them into 6-packs to take to Perennial Swappers tomorrow evening. I know from experience that a couple dozen Swappers will only take so much kale, so i'll have to compost most of the seedlings.

I am rich in kale. Kale is so rich in vitamins and minerals that it's called a superfood:
  • more iron than beef
  • more calcium than milk
  • 10 times more Vitamin C than spinach
  • incredibly anti-inflammatory (Inflammation is a major cause of heart disease.)
Mindfulness is superfood for the heart-mind because it has the ability to cut down and then replace inflammatory thoughts. The days i don't meditate are the days i become irritated at something or someone or other.

Eat more kale; it's good for the heart. Practice more mindfulness; it's good for the heart and mind.

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